Body Food


Author: Marianne Paredes, Reikimaster.

If you ride a bicycle or drive a car on a regular basis, you are obliged to carry out a minimum of maintenance. Do you do the same for yourself? YES or NO. I mean it seriously. How can you expect your , Mind, Emotions and Soul to work if you completely neglect your own “maintenance”. Food is essential. Science tells us that each of our cells may suffer from an infinite number of diseases or malfunctions. An illness may be caused by our physical body, our mind, our emotions, our soul, foreign agents as viruses or an infinite number of combinations hereof. Therefore, the most efficient way to treat an illness is to carry out a simultaneous maintenance of each level of our being.

My explanation has to be crystal clear. So what does it mean in real life? Start out with doing the Tibetan Rites (3 times each exercise) = 10 minutes. Then ask the light, God or the guide that you may choose to help you during the next 5 minutes of meditation in order to give you peace of mind. During the meditation visualize the pill that would give the perfect nourishment for your emotions and mental health – and take the pill. Be completely confident that your mental power is able to make wonders. You can do it. As I have already said: I´ll lend you some of my firm belief until you are able to manage on your own.15 minutes and you start out with a minimum of maintenance. Next step is to include some exercise as walking or running. Do me a favour, just try and see how it works out! If you find it difficult to start doing the exercises, then try to take advantage of the momentum achieved by any other kind of activity.

(The above link is to the original book on the Tibetan Rites).

If you would like to change your life then make it happen. Introduce one new activity or action each day and the changes will gradually take place. Remember you are in command of your life.

Meditation is an excellent way to give nourishment to your mind and soul. I can strongly recommend the Silva Method:

Food for our Organs

The majority of us eat a certain but not specific amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. However, we do not give the proper nourishment to our organs. According to the Chinese tradition each organ requires a certain type of food in order to work properly. Let me give an example. For some reason being pregnant puts additional pressure on the function of the lever and the production of bile. As a consequence, a large percentage of the pregnant women suffer from nausea because the organ is unable to cope with the demands of this new situation. Solution: Drink or eat grapefruit. The bitter/acid taste and the vitamin C give the lever exactly what it needs in order to deliver quality service in a body that is pregnant. Wooow – what do say? Isn´t that amazing? If you are pregnant then give it a try!

At first glance, the whole concept might seem somewhat confusing, but the main idea is that a healthy person should include each of the 5 flavors (sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy) in all meals. For the vast majority eating a Western style of food, the first step would be to include something with an acid taste to each meal. For breakfast, I would suggest some fruit with an acid taste e.g. an apple or an orange. I can assure you that a small effort in this respect will give way to important changes in your body. Some years ago a saw an excellent graphic figure (in CuerpoMente) which I will try to find. The ultimate goal of this theory is the achievement of a body in constant equilibrium in an ever changing world. The body is continuously subject to the impact of internal and external factors and responds in accordance to its needs.

All flavors and organs are interrelated and making sure that all flavours are present at your meals will promote a good health. For forther information please clik on the link.


Brain Food

In order to enable the communication lines of our brain to deliver quality service to our whole being the consumption of fat/oil products on a daily basis is a MUST. Choose between olive oil, butter (which is better than its present reputation), nuts and seeds. If I had known this years ago, I would have saved myself for a lot of problems.

Marianne Paredes