Author: Marianne Paredes, Reikimaster. news@reikicosmos.com

Are you happy or do you feel that happiness eludes you? Happiness is a highly underrated asset. However, if you are happy you are able to overcome whatever stands in your way. Reiki is a unique form of healing which will enable you to be happy, improve your health and change your destiny.

The method is easy – but extremely powerful.

The actual Reiki Treatment: I’ll ask you to make yourself comfortable on my couch. The healing process will make your body relax, and your mind will enter a state similar to that of meditation. You may even fall asleep. The Reiki energy will gently massage your body, mind, soul and feelings.

Sending energy or light: This is the favorite of the Reiki Masters when it comes to healing of themselves and it is a MUST for all others. The procedure is quite similar to the actual Reiki treatment with the one big difference that you are in your home surroundings. For some this is the only solution because they are either very far from a Reiki healer or because they are staying in a hospital. A very busy life could be another reason to choose distant Reiki healing.

The Reiki Energy will transform your life beyond recognition. Whenever you reach out for help, there will always be somebody to give you a helping hand. Do you ever ask for help?

I asked for help in connection with my website and received all the information that I needed. In return, I wanted to share the information with those who visited my website. And surprise – surprise! All of a sudden we are a lot of persons helping each other. This I think was quite significant and revealing. Try to do the same yourself – at work or at home with your friends.

I admit that I would like to fight for at better world and I believe that in my private life, I’m able to make a change. At least, I have now made a change for those who visited my website. I would like to say “thank you very much to all of you”. You made me immensely happy. For me, this has been a revelation. Try out the Reiki way for yourself.

Marianne Paredes, Reikimaster