Believe in Miracles

Author: Marianne Paredes, Reikimaster. news@reikicosmos.com

So far no scientist has proved that miracles don’t exist. As the observant reader might have noticed, I’m a very curious person, and I love to investigate everything. I admit that the issue about miracles has tricked off my curiosity – and who would say “No” to a miracle or two? At least I wouldn’t, I could do with a helping hand!

Nobody has ever written “No, it is not possible. Miracles don’t exist”. On the contrary, I have read many descriptions of miracles actually taking place, but the thing about miracles is that it is extremely difficult to prove that you are dealing with a miracle. We do not have a check list according to which you know that you have experienced a miracle if the incident complies with 5 specified requirements. And if you dare to say I that you have experienced a miracle you will be met by incredulous eyes saying “Oh poor thing”.

So, how to gain some confidence in order to start off in search of miracles? I always try to find some proof in the real world for my theory, and in this case I suggest we take a look at the world of martial arts.

Imagine a man standing in front of two piles of brick with one on the top bridging the two piles. The goal is to break the brick on top in two – just with the power of the hand – and you see that it actually takes place. The theory says that in order to succeed you should concentrate on a point further away than the actual brick.

In other words, if your intention is to solve the present problem with ease imagine that you are to solve the same problem, but at a much larger scale. Concentrate all the energy (for the large problem) on the small problem and it is solved.

Woow isn´t that interesting!

Reverting to the issue about miracles: I now believe in miracles and apply all the energy required for a miracle to take place on solving my present (relatively small) problem but which so far seemed unsolvable. According to the definition it might not be a real miracle, but it is all right for a start. Now I master the initial stage, and I promise that I will be practicing. I’ll keep you posted on my results.

I am enjoying myself and I hope this goes for you too. May all the miracles that you wish for materialise now.

Marianne Paredes, Reikimaster


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Believe in a Miracles