Author: Marianne Paredes, Reikimaster.

Decide now to be a member of the winning team. Nobody – except yourself – stands in your way. Well, you, yourself and your own preconceived ideas. Stand up for your rights – stand up for your happiness. Let this be the first day in your new life. I promise to help you. The Reiki energy is very powerful and will enable you to reach your goals. I´ll show you how. I´m introducing a whole new and innovative approach to the concept of Reiki healing. Follow the Reiki News.

Step 1

Imagine that the Reiki energy were available at all moments just as cloud computing. You would only have to find out how to connect with the Reiki energy. That would be an excellent idea. Wouldn´t it? Yes, but, how to achieve the connection?

You are expected to meet one important requirement: Do only work with the positive energy. This means that you shall always wish the best for all others and you are not to harm another person on purpose. This may seem difficult in the beginning but focus on the main goal which is your happiness.

Step 2

Next goal: Believe in something that is bigger than yourself. Let it be the universe, cosmos, the energy of light or God. This will set you free to be happy. Carry out the exercise as if it were a job you had to do. Start right now by saying “Please forgive me for not believing in you – but I really need your help now”. Repeat the sentence or something similar 30-50 times a day.

Gradually you will start to believe in something that is bigger than yourself. I´ll be your bridge to the spiritual world. I´ll lend you some of my confidence and firm belief until you are able to manage on your own. Many years ago when I initially started on this path I thought; “Well, I guess there is no harm in giving it a try. I have everything to gain and nothing to lose” (I admit that it helps if your situation is a trifle delicate ;o)).

Start practicing the Reiki Way now! The Reiki News is here to change your life.


Why Reiki?

I have made all the way from an absolute non-believer to a firm believer of the unique possibilities of Reiki. When I 15 years ago got acquainted with the Reiki universe it was like a revelation. Although that my initial attitude was skeptical, I can now confirm that it works. Reiki gives you exactly what you need right now – also at cell level. No need of going to the doctor with all kind of symptoms.

The fact that you are able to heal yourself changes the concept of illness and gives you a lot of self confidence. You take responsibility for your own life. And, if you suffer from an illness the mere belief in your healing power will make a difference. The mental power can make wonders – especially if you believe in something that is bigger than yourself.

I have now been working as a Reiki Master for many years, and it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life – follow me and I’ll make you touch Heaven.

The Reiki Healing offers the most comprehensive treatment known so far attacking the problem from 3 different levels which is exactly what your body requires:

 Physical: Reiki regenerates the body at cell level. Your health will improve dramatically

 Mental and emotional: All impediments to a life in happiness will be removed

 Spiritual: You will become part of the spiritual world

The changes will not take place overnight but gradually in accordance with your own needs and the positive energy will quickly embrace all aspects of your life. Start right now and you will improve your health and general well-being. Who knows you might even end up being genuine happy! (Yes, smile).

If you interested in knowing what the research say about reiki, please follow the link.

Marianne Paredes, Reikimaster