Start Investing Now

Start Investing Now

Author: Marianne Paredes, Reikimaster.

Investments that really will pay off. Start Investing Now in your

1. Body: Tibetan Rites

2. Mind and Emotions: How to Make your Enemies Vanish into Thin Air

3. Soul: Be Smart – Be Curious

4. Life: How to Make the Changes Come True?

1. Start Investing Now in your Body – Tibetan Rites

Some days ago a friend of mine said “I would like to do a few exercises at home in order to stay fit. I don’t want all that hassle with going to a fitness center or joining special classes. Sometimes I do, but not right now. Do you have any suggestions, you seem to be in an excellent shape yourself?” Yes, as a matter of fact I do: The Tibetan Rites (see below link). They really do wonders. Start right now. You won’t regret it. Put away all excuses!! It simply cannot be true that you are unable to invest 10 minutes a day in your own health.”Get the physical thing going NOW” (as I heard a young man say yesterday). The investment will pay off – I can assure you. The immediate results are clear: Improved health and reduction of expenses to medical care and medicine. Sum up your expenses now and check within a few months. You will be surprised. Start Investing Now in your Body.

The below link leads you to the original book on the Tibetan Rites.

…..(the exercises activate) the body’s endocrine system, and it functions in stimulating the gland’s hormonal output. It is these hormones which regulate all of  the body’s functions, including the process of aging (p. 9).


2. Start Investing Now in your Mind and Emotions – How to Make your Enemies Vanish into Thin Air

You might recognize the scene: The Oh-so-annoying colleague – whose ultimate goal in life seems to be to make your life miserable – enters into your office. Out of nowhere, you suddenly receive a crucial attack on your personal integrity. You try to behave properly, but you reach the point of no return and start to fight back. Within no time a veritable war is going on.

So how to get on once you have reached this stage? The reply is quite simple: forgiveness. Do you think that is difficult? YES, but it works so try it out.

Start out with something easy: “I forgive my friend for not putting back the screw cap on the toothpaste” (It is okay to smile but for some this is quite annoying). You repeat the sentence for yourself 30-50 times a day until you are able to say it in a convincing way. You don’t actually have to say it out loud – just say to yourself. Once you master the initial stage you go on to something more difficult and so on.

I promise you that the annoying colleague will disappear from your life. He/she might apply for a new job, be transferred to another department or even be promoted. Wish your colleague the best of luck, because you are the real winner.

Once the habit of forgiveness becomes part of your daily life you will feel a wonderful peace of mind. Why? Because your mind isn’t any longer busy planning dreadful revenges all the time. Start Investing Now in your Mind and Emotions.

3.Start investing Now in your Soul – Be Smart – Be Curious

Believe in something that is bigger than yourself. Let it be the light, God or cosmos. If you are an absolute non-believer, you are missing out on an opportunity. Be smart – be curious – investigate the possibility. You could start out with the light. Do you believe in the energy of light? Yes. It has been proved that the light contains energy. Ask the sun to help you, let the sun send you all the energy you need. If this does not convince you then choose another way. You could for instance say ”Please forgive me for not believing in you – but I really need your help now”. Repeat the sentence or something similar 30-50 times a day in order to delete all the times you have said “I do not believe in anything”. Start Investing Now in your Soul. A whole new world is waiting for you.

4. Start Investing Now in your Life – How to Make the Changes Come True?

For some of us, it is very difficult to change our lives. A mountain of old beliefs, ideas and customs lie  in-between us and our new future. How to overcome the difficulty? There are several suggestions such as meditation, visualization, NLP, and I came to think of a combination of several of them. At night when I go to bed I ask every cell and atom of my bed to carry the message “I take loving care of my body, soul and mind” and in return I ask all my cells to accept the message while I sleep. I then say to the universe that tomorrow is the first day of my perfect future.

I find that it works out quite perfectly. I sleep in a bed filled with positive messages and feel quite happy about the idea. Why not try out the idea yourself? As I have said earlier: “I’ll promise to help you.

If you decide to change your life and need some kind of inspiration, I would like to recommend the following websites. They are quite unique. The 3-1 deepening excercise (Silva Method) is just Worldclass. According to the Silva Method you should see, sense, feel and hear your new future in order for it to come true.

I would like to give credit to both the Silva Method and Christie Marie Sheldon for the tuition received. It enabled me to finetune my ideas.

Start Investing Now in your Life.

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Start Investing Now